• Lanesville TV MTF Showreel

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    Hundreds of TV shows were broadcast on Videofreex pirate TV station from their studio in Maple Tree Farm ( Lanesville NY) in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. This 40-minute compilation of more than a dozen segments includes live studio, local location reports, TV tropes, crowd-sourced narrati...

  • Videofreex Pirate TV Show

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    Variety show of 44 shorts and excerpts by the infamous video pirates Videofreex 1969 - 1978. A companion to "Here Come the Videofreex" and MAYDAY 1971 RAW. Includes "Subject to Change Mash-up," "Lanesville TV Re-re-edit," "Abbie Hoffman selects," and Fred Hampton interview.

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  • 'Subject to Change' Mash-up (Segment from "Vfx Pirate TV Show") - 1969 pilot for CBS

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    12 minutes (Segment is "Videofreex Pirate TV Show") 21st century edit of the original recording from the Videofreex Prince Street studio control room of the 1969 infamous freewheeling live and tape TV show, rejected by high CBS programming executives as too far ahead of its time. The time is no...

  • Lanesville TV Show (re-re-edit) (Segment from "Vfx Pirate TV Show") - pirate broadcasting

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    (Segment from "Videofreex Pirate TV Show") A 21st century remembrance of a live pirate broadcast TV show with videotape roll-ins ... from cozy local Catskill Mountain culture to outrageous art videos.Featuring: "Lanesville TV News Buggy Report," "Farkle/Van Fight," Me's & Youse," "Oriental Magic...

  • Me's and Youse a/k/a Faces

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    (1971, excerpt 2:30)
    In the Lanesville TV studio, Bart, Skip, Parry, Carol & Nancy combine their faces with a Sony Special Effects Generator and lotsa giggles. The Videofreex were most unique as video artists and filmmakers when they collaborated as a group live combining together simultaneousl...

  • Abbie Hoffman: Videofreex Selects (Segments from "Videofreex Pirate TV Show")

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    Abbie interviewed by Videofreex in Chicago during the Chicago 7 trial Oct 1969.
    Abbie's speech at Yale University, 1970. Abbie is wearing a cape with a star on it.

    Excerpts from longer raw tapes.

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  • Fred Hampton Interview excerpts w/ Black Panther Chant prologue

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    The charismatic young Black Panther leader is interviewed by Videofreex on Oct 19, 1969, six and a half weeks before he was killed on Dec 4 in a raid by the FBI and Chicago Police Department. The Videofreex - David Cort, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, and Parry Teasdale - traveled from their Prince Stree...

  • Black Panther Chant w Fred Hampton verse [1:45 min]

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    Civil rights protest demonstration crowd in Foley Square NYC in 1970 call & response tells the story & polemic of the Black Panther Party leading up to final verse about Fred Hampton. Recorded by Videofreex Carol Vontobel & Skip Blumberg, 21st Century edit by Skip Blumberg is introduction to 23-...

  • "Harriet" by Nancy Cain (plus 'live' Lanesville TV studio intro and outro) 1974

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    Satisfyingly liberating story of escape that is a classic early video. With 'live' Lanesville TV studio intro & outro featuring Harriet Benjamin, Videofreex Nancy Cain & Bart Friedman, and WNET Guest Co-host Russell Connor.

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  • Laughing Song & Crying Song

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    Videofreex Bart Friedman & David Cort while away the night at Maple Tree Farm performing improvised, expressive, structuralist songs of two emotions.

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  • Buzzy Linhart's "Heaven" Raw (18 minutes)

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    Behind-the-scenes documentary at Buzzy's stellar studio band's recording session of this classic rock song. Record Plant November 1970. Shelly Yakus - VP Record Plant & engineer, Doug Rodriguez & Hughie McCracken - guitars, Bill Takas - bass, Luther Rix - drums, Kenny Ascher? - pianist, vibes - ?...

  • Videofreex 1970s Rock 'n Roll Concert ~ Live Video Projections

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    Guitar-centric rock performances captured for the first live multi-camera mixed rock concert projections, with live abstract video feedback. 9 or so songs by Powerhouse, NRBQ & Pig Iron.

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  • MAYDAY 1971 RAW
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    MAYDAY 1971 RAW

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    Feel the fervor of 1970s utopian activism! Action-packed, emotionally-charged. 25 young indy filmmakers, including the Videofreex, with the earliest video cameras, cover the country’s largest civil disobedience peace protests from inside. Authentic counter-program from the counter-culture. Or Epi...

  • "What's That For?" 1970 (complete uncorrected version)

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    Complete version that's excerpted in the Videofreex trailer. Early art video produced by Videofreex Parry Teasdale with Skip Blumberg for the opening of the Freex Friday night screenings in their Prince St studio. The audience had just walked down the same street and up the same 5-story staircase...